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E.H. Petropulos’s Road to Broadway, Anxiety, and Advice with Toxic Relationships

Saying that E.H. Petropulos is a charismatic, vibrant, and beautiful personality is an understatement. Instantly when meeting her, you are filled with immense joy and gratefulness for a light that she holds so gracefully. We derived so much meaningful conversation despite our laughter every five seconds. She is immeasurably theatrical and fun. Her stories and journey from Manhattan, Kansas, to Manhattan, New York, are quite moving, and I hope it resonates with you as it did with me.

In two short days, E.H. will start her well-deserved position at Broadway's new production, Be More Chill, as Assistant Wig Supervisor at the Lyceum Theatre. However, like many others, the road to our dream-living situation and/or job can be a bumpy one, sparking challenges of mental health. In this article, we touch on a topic I hope everyone takes with them—understanding your self-value, dreams, and removing toxic people from your lives. E.H. started her theatre journey in high school as a lost boy in a Peter Pan production. E.H. laughs and explains, "Embarrassing, but true—I watched High School Musical and said I want to do that." We laughed so hard I could barely hear the recording. Thank you, Troy Bolton. 

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