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Actress and Model Elaina Braverman’s Story of Disability Inclusivity in the Entertainment Industry

At age eighteen, Elaina Braverman is not just redefining what it means to be a woman of empowerment, but a woman of compassion and bravery. She is changing the identity and course of the modeling, television and film industry with every scene and stride. Elaina has been involved in huge productions, from NBC to New York Fashion Week.

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Professional Actress and Activist, Precious Coleman, on African American Women, Education, and Being Fearless

What is fearlessness? A powerful word in diction, but not something we can simply break down efficiently in ten simple steps. In fact, this pilot podcast was such a detail-oriented conversation; we dive into multiple bittersweet topics. I believe this event left us both feeling, in our own definition, fearless. I hope in reading, you will gain a sense of enlightenment and learn new things as I did when speaking with the highly-intelligent and inspirational, Precious Coleman.

Precious Coleman rushed into the studio instantly filling the room with radiant energy and warm embrace. Having just wrapped on a late film shoot the night before on NBC’s television show, New Amsterdam, it was undeniable she is passionate about spreading her voice and story as she continues her rise as an empowering African American woman.

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