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Syria, No Not That Syria: What Has Become of Home

I dream about a certain place. Sometimes I dream about this place constantly and sometimes months would go by before I revisit it. I slip away from the dream state into reality and refuse to open my eyes in the hope that I could hold on to this glorified world within my subconscious just a little longer. Slowly features of faces I had just seen become a blur

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A Pet Monkey and Colored Pencils: A Humorous Tale of Tai Chatur’s First Day of Second Grade

I moved to Toronto, Canada when I was eight years old. I was a boy raised with no reservations and maybe a little too much confidence for my age — definitely too much confidence for my height. On my first day of school, the teacher asked if I wanted to tell the class something interesting about myself.

“I am from East Africa, and I used to own a pet monkey.”

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