Free Nasrin Sotoudeh: The Story of a Brave Lawyer Who Faced Prison

You are a woman, a human rights lawyer. You are working for fairness and the rights of others to live a free and reasonable life. You passed the bar exam in 1995 at the age of 32. You have to juggle the ups and downs of restrictive politics—to represent others who have lost their human rights. You have two children, and a husband who fully supports your life and work. You defend abused children, young prisoners sentenced to death, political victims, activists and journalists.

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Sarah McKinnonComment
The Definition of Patience: An Afghan Refugee Living in Germany in 2019

Hadir arrived in Berlin, utterly exhausted, in late November 2015. He, his cousin and two friends had taken a high-speed ICE train from the German/Austrian border to the capital. Out of decency, the ticket conductor policing the carriages had allowed the four of them to travel free of charge; she even wished them good luck as they stumbled onto the platform. As the only English speaker among them, Hadir led the group to the police station at the Hauptbahnhof, where they declared themselves as refugees.

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Girl With The Bold Mind: As Women Do We Give Ourselves The Power?

“Perhaps they kept her plain because they knew she was lethal.” It was the first thought in my head when I stumbled upon the infamous portrait. [Pictured Left] Girl With The Pearl Earring, an oil painting created in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer during the Dutch Golden Age, is a reminder that as women we must not just fight for equal power, but give ourselves permission to empower ourselves.

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How I Became a Social Justice Warrior Princess: A Literary Review of Feminism

Growing up female in the 70s was confusing.  On the one hand, we were free to do anything men could do. I remember Weekly Reader, Scholastic’s news magazine for schools, featuring an article about women in male occupations, with photos of female truck drivers and such. On the other hand, I was constantly aware that we couldn’t really do anything men could. Years before the Weekly Readerarticle, I had learned what rape was from an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealermagazine section that I wasn’t supposed to read, and from painful experience I learned that the boys who sat behind me on the bus and pulled my hair or snatched my lunch could hit me harder than I could hit them.

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Syria, No Not That Syria: What Has Become of Home

I dream about a certain place. Sometimes I dream about this place constantly and sometimes months would go by before I revisit it. I slip away from the dream state into reality and refuse to open my eyes in the hope that I could hold on to this glorified world within my subconscious just a little longer. Slowly features of faces I had just seen become a blur

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Megan Donnelly's Experience with Double Jaw Surgery

My name is Megan Donnelly; I'm 21 years old. I'm from the small village of Slane in Ireland. I've lived here all my life with my mam, dad and younger brother.

When I was 12 years old, I was told I had a severe underbite meaning I'd need Double Jaw Surgery in the future; An underbite is a dental condition by which the lower teeth extend farther than the top teeth. Aka Class III Malocclusion; it creates a 'bulldog like' appearance in the mouth and face.

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We Sing a Song that Cries, “Me Too” by Guest Writer Emily Turner

I typically don’t trust men. 

When I walked alone on campus last year and saw a man headed towards me, I would look down to the pavement and walk past him, quickening my pace. The longer I’ve been on campus, however, the more desensitized I have become to the idea of sexual assault. I no longer walk on campus in fear, although I’m just as likely to be sexually assaulted now as I was a year ago. Rape is all too common on campuses, yet anymore I find that I ignore the threat, accepting my fate as a future rape victim. 

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Hanaan Louis Discusses Muslim Faith, Being a Third Culture Kid, and the Perspectives of Humanity

There are not enough words to describe how inspiring حنان لويس (Hanaan Louis) is to me; as a creative, a friend and a human being. Without a doubt, she is one of the most profound conversationalists to have recently entered my life, and I am incredibly grateful for her presence. I hope by reading this piece, you will have a different perspective on the moving Muslim faith and how we take into account our roots of humanities perspective.

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Actress and Model Elaina Braverman’s Story of Disability Inclusivity in the Entertainment Industry

At age eighteen, Elaina Braverman is not just redefining what it means to be a woman of empowerment, but a woman of compassion and bravery. She is changing the identity and course of the modeling, television and film industry with every scene and stride. Elaina has been involved in huge productions, from NBC to New York Fashion Week.

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A Pet Monkey and Colored Pencils: A Humorous Tale of Tai Chatur’s First Day of Second Grade

I moved to Toronto, Canada when I was eight years old. I was a boy raised with no reservations and maybe a little too much confidence for my age — definitely too much confidence for my height. On my first day of school, the teacher asked if I wanted to tell the class something interesting about myself.

“I am from East Africa, and I used to own a pet monkey.”

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E.H. Petropulos’s Road to Broadway, Anxiety, and Advice with Toxic Relationships

Saying that E.H. Petropulos is a charismatic, vibrant, and beautiful personality is an understatement. Instantly when meeting her, you are filled with immense joy and gratefulness for a light that she holds so gracefully. We derived so much meaningful conversation despite our laughter every five seconds. She is immeasurably theatrical and fun. Her stories and journey from Manhattan, Kansas, to Manhattan, New York, are quite moving, and I hope it resonates with you as it did with me.

In two short days, E.H. will start her well-deserved position at Broadway's new production, Be More Chill, as Assistant Wig Supervisor at the Lyceum Theatre. However, like many others, the road to our dream-living situation and/or job can be a bumpy one, sparking challenges of mental health. In this article, we touch on a topic I hope everyone takes with them—understanding your self-value, dreams, and removing toxic people from your lives. E.H. started her theatre journey in high school as a lost boy in a Peter Pan production. E.H. laughs and explains, "Embarrassing, but true—I watched High School Musical and said I want to do that." We laughed so hard I could barely hear the recording. Thank you, Troy Bolton. 

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Professional Actress and Activist, Precious Coleman, on African American Women, Education, and Being Fearless

What is fearlessness? A powerful word in diction, but not something we can simply break down efficiently in ten simple steps. In fact, this pilot podcast was such a detail-oriented conversation; we dive into multiple bittersweet topics. I believe this event left us both feeling, in our own definition, fearless. I hope in reading, you will gain a sense of enlightenment and learn new things as I did when speaking with the highly-intelligent and inspirational, Precious Coleman.

Precious Coleman rushed into the studio instantly filling the room with radiant energy and warm embrace. Having just wrapped on a late film shoot the night before on NBC’s television show, New Amsterdam, it was undeniable she is passionate about spreading her voice and story as she continues her rise as an empowering African American woman.

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