Editors & Staff:

Sarah McKinnon

Editor in Chief;

Sarah McKinnon is the Editor in Chief and Founder of Lemon Theory. Over-caffeinated and passionately driven; she strives to bring awareness to cultural differences and light to modern topics including mental health. As someone who struggled with mental health for her entire life, de-stigmatizing societal perceptions is her, and the magazines, primary goal. She has won multiple awards in the filmmaking industry, and recently competed in the Young Global Awards; a healthcare competition for bringing awareness through art and marketing. Additionally, she has studied under industry professions in Italy and New York City. She has obtained a Bachelor’s of Letters, Arts and Sciences with a focus in Professional Writing. With an extensive art background, she handles the website design and graphics as well. You can usually find her in the editorial photography section of a bookstore, or overeating sriracha veggie sticks in inhuman quantities. You can follow her personal Instagram @awol_artist.

Abiran Raveenthiran

Marketing Manager;

As Lemon Theory's Marketing Manager Abiran Raveenthiran's only goal is to get as many eyes to enjoy the content created by this organization as possible. He is a first generation born Canadian with one foot in the culture of his past and one foot in the culture of the present that has given him bifocal lenses in views of various topics. When he isn't pondering ideas to get Lemon Theory trending, he is often weaving articles for Lemon Theory or curled up near a fireplace with a book in his hand. Feel free to reach out to him through his email or Instagram @abiran_speedy.

José Calil

Our Troops Editor;

Our Troops Editor, José Calil served five years in the United States Marines Corps. He is a native of Maracaibo, Venezuela and moved to Florida at the age of four. He obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Web Game Design and now is enrolled for a Masters of Science in Network Management in Communications with a focus in Information Systems. José will be returning to the Marines to train as an Officer and become a Naval Aviator. José has a concentration of providing an open door for all veterans and those who need to converse about military hardships. He is determined to bring to light the mental health difficulties that arise for those who return to civilian status. You can follow him on Instagram @nene.calil.

Paolo Piccolo

Video Creator;

Paolo Piccolo is the quirky and humble Video Creator of Lemon Theory. He is taking articles both existing and upcoming and turning them into stylish, engaging videos for the world to see. He started in 2011 with broadcast journalism in high school and has strived to film the world ever since. After, he pursued film in New York City, where he would prove his excellence for another four years. He is known as a one-man crew and a jack of all trades. Even with his personal demons, he does his best to prove his purpose the way he knows best. He is a strong advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. When not staring at a computer for ridiculous amounts of time, he is enjoying his vinyl collection of music you probably haven’t heard of, watching Blade Runner for the gazillionth time, or trying to make the world laugh.

Chuck Wilder

Poetic Refreshment Editor;

Chuck Wilder is the Editor of Poetic Refreshment and oversees the operations of the Lemon Theory page that covers a variety of poetry structures and topics. Board member and show host of a poetry radio group, Team of Voices, hosted on, their knowledge of poetry expands beyond just passion. Chuck is also the author of Wake of 30 and Fusion of the Fractured Self, written under Jessica Samuelsen. Chuck has a Bachelors of Science in Bible and Theology, and now (apparently) runs a bakery; which they find as a hobby as well as a profession. Chuck values faith and honesty above all things, and is fulfilled by following the two major biblical laws: Love God and love others. If not baking, you can find them reading or playing board games.


Team Lemon Writers are those who have committed to write with Lemon Theory Digital Magazine regularly. Every month, these writers bring a new perspective and series to the table in their professional category and expertise.

Alexis Mizell

Politics & Advice Writer;

Alexis Mizell is a name you've probably never heard before but totally should know. As a prior U.S. Navy engineer turned writer, she's lived quite a bit of life that influences her day to day and firm believes that say "everything happens for a reason" and doing what you love above all else is the best way to be happy. She's got a Bachelor's in English and, like Liam Neeson, a very particular set of skills in writing, editing, and content creation that have changed her life completely. Since the revelation of her writing interests she has studied British literature in London, U.K, mentored in creative writing with New York Times bestselling author Michael Livingston. Additionally, she has authored many different research essays that have reached publication such as; "The Wounds We Cannot See," a PTSD expose, published in the writing guide by Pearson for Francis Marion University, The Final Draft-2016-2017, 7th Edition. Alexis is the founder of a now permanent veteran column called "Salt & Grits" in her Alma mater's newspaper, The Citadel's Brigadier. She has even served as an editor for three years within their literary magazine. In her free time, Alexis's operates a personal blog that sometimes gets more than ten views and hangs out at the beach with her dog, finance, and an ice cold craft beer. Whether her hair is blue, brown, shaved or long, she maintains her unique personality and hopes to inspire others with the words she writes.

Madonna R. Bacorro, MD

Mental Health and Wellness Writer

Madonna R. Bacorro, MD is a diplomate and fellow Family Medicine physician in the Philippines, who graduated from the Pontifical University of Santo Thomas.  Madonna was trained to be a fellow of Supportive Hospice and Palliative Medicine at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). Interests and passions include; painting during off-office and clinic hours, as well as literary and article writing during idle moments. Recently, she has finished an Occupational Health Physician, therefore, integrating every subspecialty to the patients she encountered daily. Additionally, through her skillset, she passionately practices counseling. Her advocacies include; Mental Health, Holistic Wellness, Cancer Prevention and Supportive Care. She is the eldest in a brood of five, of whom are also a family of medical doctors with medically-aligned degrees. Coming from a humble and straightforward family from the province of Manaoag, Pangasinan, she has been exposed to the "different shoes" of life as she calls it. From the grassroots to the more prominent of families. Although she doesn't claim to be a faithful religious Roman Catholic, she maintains stand as one and believes to be spiritual.

Jordan Oldbury

Investigative Journalist;

As Lemon Theory's Investigative Journalist, Jordan seeks to tackle the big issues; the little issues, and their impact on the regular person. Using a network of sources, a friendly demeanor, and an insatiable appetite for truth, he takes on the problems that affect you and tell the stories that need to be told. Jordan has published in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Shortpress, as well as a debut novel – "The Universal Guide to Human Racing." He has a BA, Honors, in English from the University of Leicester, GradDip HSE Management from the University of Newcastle and an MA Secondary Education from Curtin University. He has worked as a mental health advocate in HR Management for over a decade, including as an HR/HSEQ Manager in various industries. Jordan has written policy and procedure for international businesses, developed mental health awareness programs, regularly published in multiple media outlets. Jordan is passionate about mental health awareness, LGBTQ issues, environmental management, employee rights, and government transparency. He was born in England and moved to Australia ten years ago where he spends time with his family and two young daughters. He long-suffering Tottenham Hotspur supporter. You can see more of his work at

Kirk Loftin


Kirk Loftin (he/him) is less a list of impressive accomplishments, and more of an amalgam of insane stories and fragmented identities. He studied English at the University of Houston, until he was forced to drop out without a degree and with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. He’s been everything from a co-manager for a failed congressional campaign, the president of UH’s LGBTQ student organization, to a stand-up comedian, because his life is a page of mad libs filled out by a chimpanzee drunk on Four Loko. Currently working as the lead writer for a creative video studio in Houston, TX, he’s also written an (unproduced) movie titled Headshrunk, and is working on his first novel, An Unlovely Creature. He usually writes poetry, fiction, essays, and bad jokes. He aims for all of his writing to be brutally honest, talking without reservations about everything from dating/sex, to his struggles with (untreated) bipolar disorder, to issues of growing up in a strict, conservative Southern Baptist home (ugh). He regularly drops Green Day references in his writing. He’s also a film nerd and a self-proclaimed Simpsons expert, and is obviously single. You can find him on Patreon, or at his personal twitter account @BatKirk .