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Motivations: Joining The Air Force

Sitting there in that room, waiting. I had all of my paperwork sitting in front of me. I was sitting at one of those wooden desks. The ones that somehow are comfortable, and uncomfortable at the same time. With just enough space to write on, but no more than that. I was sitting in the middle of the room, with others all around me. The room was long and narrow, and it did not have any windows to speak off. Perhaps they wanted everyone to be uncomfortable, though for something like this you'd think they would want people happy, and willing. I suppose at this point in the process, it was too late for that. 

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Dance of The Condor: A Story of The Bolivian Special Forces

This narrative poem is a story that was told by a member of the Satinara Condors (Bolivian Special Forces) that he shared with me at a women’s shelter where his mother worked in El Alto, Bolivia, a city adjacent to the capital of La Paz. We visited this shelter for women that were victims of domestic abuse as part of a Solidarity Tour to Bolivia in August of 2017. I participated in this tour as an Observer with the NGO: Development & Peace – Caritas Canada.

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