José Calil: An Introduction


Hey everyone! My name is José and it’s a pleasure to be on board with this team and work alongside Sarah. I am 24 years old and I am a native of Maracaibo, Venezuela and moved to Miami, Fl at the age of 4. I attended Miami Sunset Senior High School and graduated in the class of 2012. I hold a B.S. in web game design from DeVry University and currently enrolled at Keller Graduate School of Management working towards a M.S. in network management and communications with a focus in information systems.


I served five years in the Marines Corps and finished my contract in August 2017. Since then, I currently work as an NRA pistol Instructor, actor, and serve as a personal trainer and nutritionist for Lifetime Fitness in Reston, Va. I plan on returning to the Marines to commission as an officer and become a Naval Aviator. I plan to take you through my life and experiences of life as a Hispanic coming to the U.S. at a young age and then explaining about my experiences of how to join the military, the lifestyle within the military, the struggles that come from transitioning back into the military, and then the process of returning back into the Marines as an officer. Eventually I will talk about the training that occurs and the experiences of going through training as a pilot.


I look forward to having you all join me on this journey and I am always here to talk to you all about anything contained within my article or about anything on your mind. My biggest focus as a writer is to inform you about issues that people typically do not feel comfortable talking about and to make sure that you know you’re not alone. Whether you are a civilian, military active duty, reserve, national guard, or a veteran I am always willing to talk to you and listen. Life is tough, but suicide is never the answer. Reach out for help, it doesn’t make you weak. I will leave my email and social media handles down below, please reach out. Again, thank you all for wanting to listen and learn about my story. We’re going to have an excellent time together!

Written by José Calil. 2019.


Snapchat: jose.calil

Instagram: @nene.calil

Discord: Jose (Amarok07)#1723


Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Veteran Crisis Line: Chat)

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