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Eye of the Beholder Part One: Why Do Men Catcall?

Call me male-ish. Men are supposed to like guns, but I’m not really a gun guy. As a boy I wheedled a BB gun for Christmas with the solemn vow not to shoot birds, which I did at the first opportunity. “You’ll shoot your eye out” runs the refrain from the movie Christmas Story, and at least I didn’t do that. But I shot out a bird’s. Stalking the wild sparrow in our back yard, I missed innumerable times before chance brought down a luckless thing from our birch tree, a bead of blood vividly welling where its eye had been

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Bought by Society: Beauty Standards Have Made Me Icarus

I am too comfortable telling myself I am not beautiful. I feel as though I am Icarus who tried with good intention and crashed to the floor; a heap of melted wings on my wayside.

I had this epiphany while sitting on a cold concrete floor.  I couldn't help but stare at the most alluring thing in the white, plain, studio - the dirty and broken windows. Cold drafts of air flowed into the room as the winter season tried to infiltrate the overwhelmed single heater and high-ceiling space. It's my tenth photo shoot session in the past two weeks and I'm light-headed with my camera in my lap. As a photographer, I have three main goals - find the story, capture the subject(s) natural self, and don't try to make them comfortable.

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