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Eye of the Beholder Part Two: Why Do Men Catcall?

For women, that experience is united at some level by fear. They’re afraid of being pawed, stalked or attacked, however innocuous men might find the leer or whistle. “Almost all women have a defensive strategy for walking alone,” writes Jamie Golden in “Why Just Telling Men No Doesn’t Necessarily Work,” but “almost no men do.” This seems to be true across cultures, and it tells us much of what we need to know. “A young woman likes to feel attractive,” one told me, “but I think women of all ages feel that implicit threat of physical peril, always.”

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Eye of the Beholder Part One: Why Do Men Catcall?

Call me male-ish. Men are supposed to like guns, but I’m not really a gun guy. As a boy I wheedled a BB gun for Christmas with the solemn vow not to shoot birds, which I did at the first opportunity. “You’ll shoot your eye out” runs the refrain from the movie Christmas Story, and at least I didn’t do that. But I shot out a bird’s. Stalking the wild sparrow in our back yard, I missed innumerable times before chance brought down a luckless thing from our birch tree, a bead of blood vividly welling where its eye had been

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