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Why Do Men "Creepy Stare?"

It’s pervasive and inevitable. Every woman has experienced it. You’re walking down a street or down a hallway or really anywhere and a man is walking in the other direction, towards you. You avert your eyes, pretending to be deep in thought, but as he gets closer you can feel his eyes on you. As you keep walking, he continues to stare and his eyes drift down towards your breasts and torso. If you even glance at him for a moment, you can see the intensity of his attention directed onto you. Regardless of how many times during a single day that this occurs, each time the relief from him simply continuing on his way and not confronting, engaging or harassing you, is palpable. 

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Eye of the Beholder Part Two: Why Do Men Catcall?

For women, that experience is united at some level by fear. They’re afraid of being pawed, stalked or attacked, however innocuous men might find the leer or whistle. “Almost all women have a defensive strategy for walking alone,” writes Jamie Golden in “Why Just Telling Men No Doesn’t Necessarily Work,” but “almost no men do.” This seems to be true across cultures, and it tells us much of what we need to know. “A young woman likes to feel attractive,” one told me, “but I think women of all ages feel that implicit threat of physical peril, always.”

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Novembers Freedom: The Story of a Survivor

Everything comes together in this one perfect moment. In this moment I will summon up all of my courage. I will stand my ground. I will face my fear. It is what is to come afterwards that brings reality creeping into my veins like a freight train heading home. I am finally at the precipice of living a life that is worth living. I have torn through the house like a mad woman. I have filled up hefty bag after hefty bag with what is left of an existence that I so want to forget.

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