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Guest Writer Abiran Raveenthiran Uniquely Breaks Down a Humans Will of Purpose

The kiru wanders about purposeless. There was once a purpose, or so it believes, but even if there originally was one, it was now lost in the vast ocean that is time. With the concept of purpose lost, the kiru now wanders in efforts of discovering itself. The kiru looked towards the past to see a higher and perfect version of itself in finding its purpose but refuses to go through that door. The kiru looked towards the future and creating a better version of itself but now fearing change has driven it to leave that door open but fear to walk through it.

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On Death in Life: Grappling our Anxious Relationship with Passing

…. is dead.

There is something wrong here. There is something wrong with assigning an attribute to a lifeless figure. More than that, there is something wrong with death in the form of an adjective, it suggests that said entity is still burdened by the restriction of characterization. What are they characterized by, exactly, other than the state of being not-here anymore? Of being the other, the somewhere else, the uncomfortably foreign? Isn’t it enough that every person has to battle adjectives throughout their entire lives? Hell knows I do.

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