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Why You’re Failing At Your New Year’s Resolution: Meet The Kindness Formula

I already failed at my New Year's Resolution, but in spite of that, I replaced a bad habit with a good habit. The bad habit—envisioning a different version of myself through unhealthy manifestation. The good habit—embracing kindness.

Many of us fail at our New Year's Resolutions, and while that is no secret, I do believe there is a formula to its success. I speak from personal experience; as seemingly every year, I get hyped to undergo the trend of a "new me." Then comes January 1, when I'm in a sugar-coma and drooling on myself. In fact, my sweet spot is right after Christmas, when I've eaten an offensive amount of holiday food (birthday included) and decide I need to change my life. But my life doesn't need to change, just my mindset. 

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