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There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea: A Conversation on Polyamory Relationships

There is an episode of How I Met Your Mother in which Ted, the show’s chronically single protagonist, lists off the group Halloween costumes he and his recently-engaged best friends Lily and Marshal have worn over the years. “Salt & Pepper and cumin” is one, as well as, ridiculously, “Lady & the Tramp and the bowl of spaghetti”. Couples’ costumes – as well as other twosome conventions – simply make senseto most people, and the notion of disrupting this perfect symmetry by adding in a third (or fourth, or fifth) party can come off as nonsensical, silly, or a sitcom-esque gag.

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Don't Just Survive, Live: An Emotional Account of Passing

He was a great man who didn’t merely sustain his battle against life but thrived. He worked his way out of the Indian caste system to become a well-respected and powerful collector renowned for his honesty, discipline and intellect. He had a dutiful wife and was gifted with 7 beautiful children. He lived till the ripe age of 99. He was my great grandfather.

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The Whispers of Humility: How Cherry Soda Gave Me Faith

I never once thought churches were beautiful. 

My family wasn’t very religious growing up, and not for any specific reason other than that lifestyle just wasn’t us. My mother was raised Catholic, then turned Christian. My father was a borderline atheist, his parents having embraced the more free-flowing era of the sixties. Ultimately, my parents left it up to me to choose a path. We had healthy discussions of the afterlife and of God, but He wasn’t someone or something we studied in depth.

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