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Synchronicity: A Loving Message From the Universe

"Small world" is an expression that you have certainly used or heard at some point in your life when a random situation occurred. Think a serendipitous meeting with someone you know after you had been thinking of them lately or, more commonly, being introduced to someone you're already friends with by a mutual friend. Most people discard these occurrences as mere coincidences and forget about them altogether. But what if I told that, in fact, there is more than meets the eye here and it all has to do with a phenomenon called "synchronicity"?

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A False Sense of Connectivity Part One: How Social Media is Changing The Landscape of Connection

I had the fantastic opportunity to compete in this year's Young Global Awards on behalf of Pennsylvania State University; a process of human behavioral studies and creative advertisement based on the selected theme. This years theme was technological awareness and screentime. Despite it being an artistic and photographic task, the journey taught me a few things about the evolution of our society changes, and I'd like to share them with you. There will be three separate articles in this series.

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