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The Upside of Down: Becoming an Artist After an Assault

April 27, 2019 marked the 10 year anniversary of the assault and battery that led to the birth of "Acrylic Alchemy" and, ultimately, the man I have become. I know this may not be my prettiest picture...though possibly close...but this is real life. Multiple facial fractures, severe eye trauma, and a concussion, this assault and battery was the catalyst for my series "The Up-Side of Down." This teachable moment also breathed life into my signature Carini Arts icon, the image I saw flashing through my head during my concussive state.

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Michael's Note: The Suicide Note My Father Never Left That Was Almost My Own

In August 2012, at the age of 28 and on the precipice of homelessness, I was reconnected with the biological family I never knew. At that time, I learned that my father, also named Michael, did not die in a car accident as I had always been told. Rather, I came to find out that he took his own life on my mother's 21st Birthday, just shortly before I turned a year old. He did not leave a note. Almost 30 years later, in my most personal and emotional creation to date, I wrote that note for my father. Written through our collective heart, eyes, and hand, that piece of our soul is "Michael's Note."

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