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Nightly Rituals: The Process of Anxiety and OCD Medication

Medication has a stigma behind it. Some people see the transparent orange-tinted bottle resting on my sink and glance at me nervously. It makes them curious; it causes them to worry, and they sometimes look at you differently. It’s not usually with malice but can lead people down a path of presumptions and self-conclusions about the nature of who you are and what you’re capable of handling. 

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Leaving Her Behind: Why We Need to Let Anxiety Kidnap Who We Were

I kidnapped my past self. I grabbed her fiercely by the shoulders and implored her to listen. I screamed at her inevitability, begging them to leave. But I wasn't angry at her; I sobbed sadly as she let go of my hand. We always assume we have to carry all of the past versions of ourselves—but we don't. So, when I finally let go, it genuinely felt as if I was observing someone I love die in front of me.

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