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Novembers Freedom: The Story of a Survivor

Everything comes together in this one perfect moment. In this moment I will summon up all of my courage. I will stand my ground. I will face my fear. It is what is to come afterwards that brings reality creeping into my veins like a freight train heading home. I am finally at the precipice of living a life that is worth living. I have torn through the house like a mad woman. I have filled up hefty bag after hefty bag with what is left of an existence that I so want to forget.

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A False Sense of Connectivity Part One: How Social Media is Changing The Landscape of Connection

I had the fantastic opportunity to compete in this year's Young Global Awards on behalf of Pennsylvania State University; a process of human behavioral studies and creative advertisement based on the selected theme. This years theme was technological awareness and screentime. Despite it being an artistic and photographic task, the journey taught me a few things about the evolution of our society changes, and I'd like to share them with you. There will be three separate articles in this series.

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Afraid to Be Happy: How I’m Overcoming My Biggest Fear (and Free Wall Art Download!)

My biggest fear is happiness. It sounds absurd, and in no way can I convince you otherwise, but you might have the same problem as I do.

It seems the monster under my bed from when I was a child—the thing that caused me to never sleep with my feet uncovered—has morphed into a recognizable face. I will admit now, despite my strength of advice in this article, it is still a fear I am trying to overcome. I have yet to kick this monsters out of my home, but at the very least, I have convinced them to pay rent.

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