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The Barely Touched Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins: A Humorous Account of Navigating The Dating World

Sometimes, a thought gets stuck in my head, and won’t leave. It’ll just rattle around like an empty beer can in the back of a rusty pick-up truck. Sometimes, it’s just an innocuous little thought, something meaningless like the fact that Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the voice of Shredder in the 80s/90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Or it’ll be like the time I came across the word ‘embouchure’ in a book and had to look it up, and then saw/heard the word (at least) twenty times in the next week.

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The Whispers of Humility: How Cherry Soda Gave Me Faith

I never once thought churches were beautiful. 

My family wasn’t very religious growing up, and not for any specific reason other than that lifestyle just wasn’t us. My mother was raised Catholic, then turned Christian. My father was a borderline atheist, his parents having embraced the more free-flowing era of the sixties. Ultimately, my parents left it up to me to choose a path. We had healthy discussions of the afterlife and of God, but He wasn’t someone or something we studied in depth.

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Why You’re Failing At Your New Year’s Resolution: Meet The Kindness Formula

I already failed at my New Year's Resolution, but in spite of that, I replaced a bad habit with a good habit. The bad habit—envisioning a different version of myself through unhealthy manifestation. The good habit—embracing kindness.

Many of us fail at our New Year's Resolutions, and while that is no secret, I do believe there is a formula to its success. I speak from personal experience; as seemingly every year, I get hyped to undergo the trend of a "new me." Then comes January 1, when I'm in a sugar-coma and drooling on myself. In fact, my sweet spot is right after Christmas, when I've eaten an offensive amount of holiday food (birthday included) and decide I need to change my life. But my life doesn't need to change, just my mindset. 

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Leaving Her Behind: Why We Need to Let Anxiety Kidnap Who We Were

I kidnapped my past self. I grabbed her fiercely by the shoulders and implored her to listen. I screamed at her inevitability, begging them to leave. But I wasn't angry at her; I sobbed sadly as she let go of my hand. We always assume we have to carry all of the past versions of ourselves—but we don't. So, when I finally let go, it genuinely felt as if I was observing someone I love die in front of me.

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