Confessions of The Color Blue

Coming Soon.

Do you know who you are? That is the question that breathes oxygen into an adolescent drowning under the oceans of looming adulthood.

Confessions of The Color Blue is a completed 60,000-word poetry and prose self-help novel revolving around the tribulations of mental health and adolescent maturation. The ambitious fabrications, poetry and written storytelling alike, were carefully collected over four years. It provides an authentic recording of the relevant and imprinting teenage years.

The book is broken down uniquely by emotions. Each through-provoking and sensory-driven poem aligns itself with a commentary of anecdotal and interactive self-based questions for the reader. Making this an interpretative conversational piece, that is not just an enjoyable read, but accessible and understandable. This book targets the 2.6 million children and adolescents diagnosed with anxiety and depression in the United States. In summary, those who are searching for a self-help book that speaks genuinely in the confines of experience through the voice of what compares to an older sibling. 

Nothing is held back in questioning; If I am as worthless as I feel, the aftermath of hate and kindness, the rejection of societal norms, my relationship with faith, rebellion, intimacy, creativity, education, destigmatizing anxiety medication, and the becoming of oneself.