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The Divided States of Fear: A Conversation on Race and Violence

When the four young African Americans approached us on Chicago’s Red Line subway, feelings I had long forgotten came rushing back. It was midafternoon on a weekday. We were checking off an item on my wife’s Chicago Bucket List: to ride the elevated, aka the “L.” My wife was raised on a farm in central Illinois. I was raised on the South Side of Chicago, but left forty years ago to live in much smaller towns in the West.

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Subway Lessons: The Melting Pot on the NYC Subway

We’re all of us looking for a seat, but none of us look like we’re looking for a seat. It’s a sleight of eye kind of thing, a slight twitch in the angle of the head right and left especially when the doors open and people pour out and pour on and slide like slippery eels into recently vacated spaces claiming them for the duration, closing their eyes like everyone else with a seat, sleeping or not, smug yet also guilty that they are seated and the only-slightly-elderly woman hanging and swaying and stumbling as the train lurches is not, but they are dog-tired after a long day and desperately in need of a snooze so have a right to be seated. Right?

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