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The Divided States of Fear: A Conversation on Race and Violence

When the four young African Americans approached us on Chicago’s Red Line subway, feelings I had long forgotten came rushing back. It was midafternoon on a weekday. We were checking off an item on my wife’s Chicago Bucket List: to ride the elevated, aka the “L.” My wife was raised on a farm in central Illinois. I was raised on the South Side of Chicago, but left forty years ago to live in much smaller towns in the West.

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Polarization and Privilege: A Protest in Northern Michigan

I stared across the street as a group of adults, some strapped with guns, yelled at me for holding a “Racism does not equal Patriotism” sign. I’m not even seventeen yet and I’m terrified. I was at a protest in a small northern Michigan town 40 minutes from mine, protesting their village leader for a racist and Islamophobic post he shared on Facebook.

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