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Hi, My Name is Temporary: How I’m Learning to View Life

I first heard the phrase, "everything is temporary," from my Mom; a woman who is my inspiration, as she is exceptionally in-touch with her inner-self. This phrase has stuck with me, and in the last few weeks has been the single thing pulling me out of bed in the morning.

Flashback many years ago when this conversation came to light: My legs were crammed up against the back of a passenger seat, an enormous pile of luggage teetering to my left. I was completely boxed in, except for a cracked window on the right, letting in the cold mountain air. If my father had the sudden NASCAR urge to circumvent a slow 2001 navy Subaru in front of him; the dog and I would be the first to feel the effects of luggage, and snacks crushing our lungs. This would most definitely be the case if said Subaru lacked winter tires. My Father would be on the gas pedal the second he saw the Massachusetts tags.

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